Hurricanes, Donnie T., DACA, Powerball, Transgender ban – Friday…

Friday – Aug. 25, 2017


*Hold on Texas, you’re in for a drubbing. Hurricane Harvey is building and ready to barrel down on the east coast of Texas. Ramped up to a level 4 today, whew! That’s 115 to 145 MPH winds on that twisty. Batten ’em down and hold on…sending you positive vibes Texas!

*A mom in Massachusetts won the second largest powerball in history – $758 million. She immediately got a call from her crazy aunt Jenny from Osh Kosh who suddenly had some extra “bills” to pay. Enjoy the loot!


*Oh boy…Donnie T. is ramping up rumors of a DACA disbanding. This would leave thousands of undocumented workers stripped of their work visas and at risk of deportation. The so-called “Dreamers consist of roughly 800,000 young men and women who came to the U.S. as very young children or infants. DACA afforded some protection against deportation by receiving work visas that could be renewed. Dreamers vow to “fight like hell” if Trump ends program.

*It’s official. Trump signs order banning recruitment of all transgender person from entering the military. It remains unclear how current serving transgender soldiers will be addressed.

*Top Trump aide Gary Cohn – who is currently still trying to locate his nutsack – said he was close to resigning after Donnie T’s flaming rhetoric enabling white supremecists in Charlottesville. Close? Gary Cohn, who is Jewish, was apparently all kinds of mad – behind closed doors. In the end, another rich white dude who slithered back to the pit. Grow a pair dude.


*Taylor Swift released a new album. The internet collectively sighed.

*The Bachelor…or Bachelorette…does it really matter? Well, they broke up, again. Seriously, this show should be one episode…put a blindfold on a dude, have him play pin the tail on a chick in a dress, ask her to marry him, have a show where the girls who didn’t get picked call each other bitches, then break up two months later. Next!

*Stephen King hates Trump

*People argued on Twitter.


*Couple dudes are boxing this weekend. If you want to blow your weekly paycheck on a pay-per-view you can watch the best boxer of all time whip up on an annoying Irish guy.

*I predict an NFL superstar will get injured in a pre-season game this weekend and be out for the season.

*The Yankees and Tigers had 3 bench clearing hugging matches at home plate last night.

Quote of the Day:

“Fighting wins fights.”  – Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Profound my man….

…I need a beer…enjoy!



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