Baller Buffoonery

Here’s a concept…don’t smash your teammate in the face. Not so easy for a couple of large dopes on the Bulls. During a practice scrum, buffoon #1 ballin’ Bobby Portis took exception to the descriptive evaluation of his mother by buffoon #2, big white hype Nikola Mirotic. After some foreplay of witless repartee including burns such as, “…no your beard looks dumb” buffoon #1 decides to cheaply rearrange Mirotic’s jaw…sent the hype to the hospital! Portis added to the shortlist for bad teammate of the year. Will have stiff competition in the category from current front-runner, Steve “Pale Death” Bannon.

C’mon fellas…you can’t be fightin’…you got a dumb meaningless sport to play that nobody cares about…get back to what you know…puttin’ a ball in a hoop while bumping around with sweaty awkward overpaid oafs…




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