Donnie T. caught lyin’…again, blames fake news and Obama.

Mr. Never Wrong, aka, The Orange Blob, aka, The Combover kid, Donnie T is at it again waging a name calling war against his fellow politicians. This weeks target of twitter bullery is Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson, who after being told by a fallen soldiers widow the degrading insensitive comments made by Donnie in a fake condolence phone call was branded “wacky” by the Don of con.

Trumps least favorite activity is being called out by, well, anyone for the shit-show that is his presidency. When Ms. Wilson made it publicly known that the blob did indeed make said comments. Trump did the only thing he could, call her names on twitter and force his henchman in chief John Kelly to rub his his head and make it all better.

Kelly himself was caught in his own lies regarding a claim against Wilson that she took credit for securing funding for an FBI building in her district. When video proved Kelly wrong, he could be seen storming off down the west wing hallway yelling, “me angry.”

When Trump was informed of this blatant lie by Kelly he immediately placed blame on Obama for the invention of the video camera. We now sit and wait for more cerebral tweets by Donnie T. using the words tremendous, sad, wacky, fake and bigly.




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